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    Your support will help in so many ways.


    The Visiting Cousins BURSARY Program

    Giving youth the opportunity to learn

    from the past.

    Kings Landing Visiting Cousins program

    Week-long summer immersion camps allow children to become ‘Visiting Cousins’ at the Settlement and experience first-hand what life was like in New Brunswick in the 1800s. Your donation towards bursaries will help send 14 children to camp every year - children who would otherwise be unable to participate in this interactive and educational experience.

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    Donor Apple Tree

    Mark your place in history at Kings Landing by purchasing an engraved pewter apple or leaf on the Donor Apple Tree. You’ll be supporting our Visiting Cousins bursary program or other worthwhile educational projects at Kings Landing!

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    PRESIDENT’S Report 2020-2021


    It’s easy to donate. Your support will help in so many ways.